First real night…

Though I crossed the state line a few days ago, my place hasn’t been together enough to live in until now. First night in my new home! Except there’s no heat (or phone, TV, internet, etc.) and it’s 37 degrees out tonight. So, I’m sleeping in my living room because my bedroom is so big and the ceilings are so high, that my space heater is no match for the chill. Besides, there are boxes all over my bed and I haven’t found my sheets yet.

The good news is that I think I’m going to love this place when I figure out how to live in it. My last place had 7 ample closets. This place has a small coat closet and a stairwell hall that was converted into something with as much space as a jam-packed thrift store. I have to do battle with hanging clothes to even get inside of it. And, though I can’t sleep in it yet, I love the tall, tall ceilings in my bedroom, the fireplace and mantle, the old, wide-board, dark hardwood floors, the giant bay window area my bed sits in and the sense that I might finally have a bedroom I would hang out in, not just sleep.

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