Local News

I never watched the local new in D.C., N.Y. or L.A., but today I caught it here in N.O. and it was so different from the list of local murders and corruption I normally avoid.

Things to love about the local news:

the Mardi Gras report (announcing the king for each parade, etc.)

the festival report (today’s is a gumbo festival with “gumbo and local good stuff”)

the Katrina update (deciding whether to prosecute the person who euthanized the hospital patients)

the interview and story on charity, how to help locally (donate to Feeding America AKA Second Harvest!) and some facts on poverty here (highest rate in America of children under five without food)

5 separate reports on the weather (more than 5 inches of rain in under 2 hours last night – water came in under one of my doors so I ran out to fix it and the self-locking door closed behind me – locked me out on my balcony in a torrential downpour, but it led to me drinking champagne with my new neighbor for hours)

and several stories about the Saints including one about a local man who bet against the Saints last week. When he lost, he had to allow Saints fans to come shoot his big screen tv. They showed it on the news – guys shooting the tv in the yard. Awesome.

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  1. Danica

    Sounds just like the number of weather reports on local channels here… Except, of course, in New Orleans there is actual WEATHER to report. 🙂

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