This morning, my cousin invited me last minute to my cousin’s son’s son’s christening. It’s the kind of event I’d never fly in for but was so happy to be able to attend. Afterward, we all went to a big family lunch then, a cousin took me to a local market. There are many great local markets here and people pride themselves on knowing which ones are good. This one is famous for its locally grown strawberries  and strawberry wine.

Later, I got to hang out with my cousins on their boat. As my cousin told stories with “Freebird” playing in the background, I was transported to happy memories of hanging out with my older, cooler cousins, but this time, I’m not on a trip to visit for a week, I live here, I’m part of the Louisiana-based family now. So, when they asked me to spend the night, though I love to stay with them, I enjoyed being able to go home and sleep in my own bed after a great day with family.

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