Mondays=red beans and rice

Few people realize that, as a result of Katrina, over 4,400 doctors and 1,200 medical residents were displaced from the New Orleans area. As a result, I was terrified when my tooth started feeling funny. Luckily, my friend, Lauren, is a dental hygienist so I made an appointment, popped my GPS onto my windshield and took off on another adventure, this time – over the Mississippi River in Gretna.

I’ll admit it – I was afraid that I may be stepping backward in medical time, that the dentist might be barbaric or ignorant. My last dentist was the Speilberg family dentist, the best money could buy. Happily, I’m an ass, the new dentist was great and, best of all, no cavities!

Last night, I blew a fuse using my space heater and my blow dryer at the same time. When I located and opened the fuse box, it was an unrecognizably ancient mode of regulating electricity. Today, while on the other side of the river, I decided to find fuses and explore yet another grocery store. Living without Trader Joe’s has proven to be a challenge. I can find almond butter and organic pizza at Whole Foods but it costs more than twice as much. Smaller local markets feature mostly Kool-aid type beverages, bread with no visible grain and meats I don’t know how to cook.

This time, I tried Casey Jones Supermarket. The name sounded like a Pam Grier character from the 70’s but I got 6 bags of groceries, a 12-pack of soda and another 12-pack of beer for under $68. Wish they had one on our side of the toll bridge.

Mondays are traditionally red beans and rice days here. Women would take the ham bone from their Sunday dinner and throw it in a pot of beans that could cook all day while they got the Monday laundry done. I’ve been trying out some recipes I can do without making a Sunday ham dinner for my non-existent husband and children. So far, the best one is onion and a Morning Star sausage patty browned in a skillet with a can of Blue Runner Creole Style Pinto Beans then poured over rice. Even local Lauren said it was good.


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3 responses to “Mondays=red beans and rice

  1. Margaret

    My dear baby sistuh/neicie… you have rediscovered the true price of the THE best that money CAN’T buy! The plastics are melting away!

  2. Lynn Holmes

    so glad to catch up with you and find out how NO is treating you. Loved the recipe you posted for beans and rice. I am a vegan now in the journey to control ovarian cancer so am always looking for recipes. I invited you Mom to come spend a weekend with me — from the deaths in Columbia this year, I brought hom DVDs of Meg’s and Jan’s Memorial Services to watch with Dianne. Stay happy and enjoy your new home. Lynn

    • Boudeaux

      Good stuff! Unfortunately with this meager internet connection, I will have to wait until I’m at the office to view more of your tales of interests and encounters. If I died tomorrow, my last meal would be beans n rice. It is my favorite. My favorite recipe involves 1 onion, a 3lb bag of uncooked large lima beans, water, and salt and pepper. One of the most important and fundamental gastronomic procedures regarding any genre of food is knowing WHEN to season your dish…in layers. Heat pan on medium to medium-high and add olive oil. Throw in your onions making sure they “sizzle” as soon as they hit the pan. Good pinch of salt and pepper. A couple bay leaves are optional. After 3 or so minutes with an occasional stir, add your beans and leave in for about another minute. Add your water (maybe 7 or 8 cups). I never measure. Then season with salt and pepper again. Bring to high heat until it boils for a minute then lower for a simmer. Simmer for about an hour and a half or so, stir occasionally. You may have to play with your stove to achieve that gentle simmer but just keep an eye on it. With ingredients that simple, they have to be prepared the right way for them to truely shine!

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