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Last night, over the course of watching an evening of TV, the hot news item featured in every teaser on every channel was about our cold snap. Temps are creeping toward freezing at night until Friday. It’s a rare and big deal for it to go on so long, like the rain we had 2 weeks ago.

Again, the local news surprised me. Instead of sensationalistic gabbing about murders and local politics, newscasters kept saying different versions of: “With freezing temperatures, find out what’s being done to keep the homeless warm.” Homelessness is rampant in some of the cities I’ve lived in: D.C., Baltimore, New York and Los Angeles, but, I don’t ever recall one news story about their welfare.

So, yes, there are crimes here and poverty and homelessness, all the markers of a modern city in the U.S., but the approach to it all is so very different. So far, this is the community feeling I was looking for, this is a place where the people are the most important part of the city.

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  1. Margaret

    hope you’re keeping warm.. it’s pretty chilly here too– 26 so’a droppin’! I love it.. it’s a nice change. Though my barn babies don’t particularly think so. I go out all thru’ the night to check on them during these freezes.. Last really long hard freeze period we had was when mama was alive..17 degrees for@ a week or more at night.. and we didn’t lose 1 pipe! Funny you mention the homeless.. I never realized that was an odd thing. The bigger town/cities –ie- N.O., Mobile, b’ham, Biloxi etc have places for tehm to go, as well as outreaches through the churches, like our here, we do blankets. Some do coats etc. It’s a cool thing to get into (excuse the pun) 🙂

    good night.. gonna snuggle in w/ a nice hot rice sock..or 2.

    (hint– take a white gym sock/boot sock. fill almost 2/3 w/ plain rice (i use jasmine rice–smells good) and tie the end of the sock in a good tight knot. voila! micro wave for a few and carefully remove– the heat spreads..not always immediatley hot…great for eh feet, lower back, under teh covers. head etc)
    also freeze a couple- holds the cool for head aches, hurts etc..also those super hot summer days when you over heat-put behind the neck)

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