Redecorating, N.O. style…

Last week, I undecorated my Christmas tree and made a Mardi Gras tree. This week, my neighbor, Christina (the angel who saved me from the storm), bought Mardi Gras decorations to add to her collection.We got out a ladder and took down all the pine boughs and big, red bows. Christina said she’ll use them again for Valentine’s Day (so apparently, we’ll be doing this again and again). Then we hung purple, gold and green beads and bows and boas (mylar). I absolutely love it. Some of the neighbors came out to comment. It’s still early, but so far, we have the best decorations on our block and one of my favorites in town.

It had been a tough day. My neighbor had gotten a call about a death in her family when we went for a walk before decorating. I’ve yet to go to a jazz funeral, but I’ve been to my share of funerals in Louisiana. When we mourn, we mourn big. But, afterward, we celebrate a life. We go to a home, usually the deceased’s, and share memories and casseroles. We look at photos and tell stories and laugh. I’ve even gone out dancing after. My neighbor hasn’t gone to the funeral yet, but we got the house ready for celebration when she returns.

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One response to “Redecorating, N.O. style…

  1. Danica

    What GORGEOUS home. It’s amazing how all that bling can make the old dame shine without diminishing her dignity one bit. Great job!

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