Krewe de Vieux (R-rated photos)

Last night, I took the bus down to the French Quarter to attend the Krewe de Vieux parade. It’s a very bawdy politically satirical parade cometing on local and national politics. According to, “The Krewe grew from about 150 drunks stumbling through the French Quarter in search of a bar, to become a relatively well-organized group of about 600 (most of them still drunk), with an actual parade route.”

There were thousands of people in attendance and it was a great, though FREEZING, kick-off to the parade season. If you haven’t already been to the Who Dat? nation, now’s the time!

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One response to “Krewe de Vieux (R-rated photos)

  1. Boyd

    For the record, Krewe de Vieux is my favorite parade. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the 1st official parade of the season, or because of its wickedly satirical slant.
    Probably a little of both…

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