Men in Drag

Today, my cousins and I attended another unofficial parade. This one was in honor of a local sportscaster, Buddy Diliberto, who said he would wear a dress and dance through the streets if  the Saints ever got to the Super Bowl. The sportscaster died 5 years ago but the former Saints quarterback, Bobby Hebert, who took over Buddy’s sportscaster job,  led a parade of thousands of men in dresses today.It was a riot to see so many men in dresses. And it was extraordinary how many of them managed to find an ensemble  in black and gold. These were construction workers and electricians, dentists and forensics experts, husbands and fathers, not your typical tourist Bourbon Street party animals. This was a local parade for a local hero. Totally unofficial. But if I were a bettin’ man, I’d bet they’ll do it again next year. It was a blast and thousands of people turned out for it.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but no amount of photos would give you the sensation of being there, the feeling of sharing this city’s joy and optimism right now. And you can’t hear the chanting of, “Who Dat!?!” and the many Saints theme songs. There’s no way to explain what it’s like to watch families, elderly people and teens dancing and singing together… “Stand up and get Crunk!”


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2 responses to “Men in Drag

  1. janell

    too cute! Colt would have loved it!

  2. Elizabeth

    what a great time …. this looks like a parade of pure joy

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