Throw me somethin’ mister!

Been too busy parading to write about parades, but it’s Lundi Gras (AKA Shrove Monday for you practicing Catholics) so there aren’t any parades until after 5 pm.

The city wide love fest continued through last week. People are still pinching themselves over the Super Bowl victory and, though “Who Dat” is still a legitimate greeting, we’ve added new answer backs.  “We Dat!” and “Believe Dat!” are the most popular.

I’ve attended almost every parade that’s passed through my neighborhood. Thursday was cold and grey. I ran around with my friend, Lauren, costume shopping for a ball. All day, frozen stuff kept falling from the sky. It wasn’t snow. It wasn’t hail. It wasn’t rain, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what the word for it was. I finally had to ask, “”What is the name of the frozen crap that falls from the sky?” If you guessed “sleet,” you must not have spent almost 18 years in Los Angeles. Anyway, the parades that night were cancelled for weather. Two were rescheduled and the other was completely cancelled. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that would be after all of the time, effort, money and excitement leading up to parade day.

Friday was a long night as they rescheduled the Muses Parade for after the D’Etat and Morpheus Krewes. All 3 Krewes are under 15 years old but have become very popular. The Muses is an all female Krewe whose floats and throws center around shoes. They even throw actual high heel shoes from their floats in addition to the many shoe bead throws. I managed to get one of their medallions, an anniversary strand with shoes representing each of their 10 years and a stiletto bracelet as well as piles of other beads.

It’s Monday and I’ve only managed to get through Friday’s parades, but there’s another one that started half an hour ago and it should reach us by the time I throw on some winter layers and walk down to St. Charles.

This 7 minute video shows Mardi Gras as my aunt would have seen it in 1941. Notice how well dressed and subdued everyone is.

And here it is in the early 1950’s. Already the crowd seems more festive and raucous, but certainly not yet the Party Gras revelers of the Who Dat Nation.


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2 responses to “Throw me somethin’ mister!

  1. Lynn Holmes

    Hey : Liz “Blake” and Diane “Doll” and I went to a “mini-Mardi Gras” in Dunedin Florida tonight … cold, cold, cold. Fun, fun, fun. You sound so very happy and “at home” in NOLA! Love, Lynn

  2. Mother

    Did you see all those hat on men and women in the 40s. Now the 50s would be your mamma’s Mardi Gras. I would have been 10. Actully I was still living in North La. when I was 10 and didn’t do Mardi Gras until I was 13 when we move to Houma. Each little town has their own Mardi Gras. Our floats were pulled by trucks. You couldn’t see them. They were part of the decoration hidden under cover. I never saw a float pulled by people or horses. I am such a young thing.

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