Basketball and beads

Went to a Hornets game the other night. My friend, Lauren, was given 2 tickets so we made an evening of it. I hadn’t been to a game since before the invention of the internet, but I guess this place brings out the sportsman in me. We didn’t know what to wear, where to park, how to find the place, the entrance, the seats, etc., but we had a fun time. They played games with we audience members during the breaks and the Honeybees, the adorable cheering dancers, kept everyone entertained with Bollywood and pop routines.

I met a Mississippi riverboat captain and we talked about the Saints and the victory banners wrapping the Superdome (next to the basketball venue). I’ll admit that I was a little freaked out when we first walked up to the Dome on the way to the game. Like most people in the world, I hadn’t been to the Dome for a game so my only real impression of it was from Katrina. It was nice to see it as a monument to the city’s greatest success, rather than a tombstone to it’s devastating loss.

I also tried a new… restaurant? Maybe it’s better to call it a venue? Much more than a wine store, which is how it started. Located in a cool old building in the Bywater area, Bacchanal sells fine cheeses in their wine shop. Select one or two and hand them to someone behind a counter – they will hand you back a platter with olives and toasted bread drizzled with olive oil. The walls are adorned with amazing photos (for sale, of course – almost all the art work in most casual dining places here is by local artists and is for sale) from mostly non-Mardi Gras parades. Outside are tables in a courtyard, which is really more like a casual party at a friend’s backyard. The live music was great and they had a guest chef at the outdoor grill serving half-priced versions of their restaurant’s favorites on paper plates. I was told that in the Spring, kittens roam around on your feet as you eat. A few people had their dogs there. People danced and laughed and drank wine for hours despite the fact that it’s still in the 30’s at night. Take a look for yourself…

People keep asking what I’m going to do with all those beads. The green ones are already decorating the fence and house for the upcoming St. Patrick’s parade. The red, white and blue ones are ready to decorate for Independence Day. The purple, green, and gold will decorate the house next year for Mardi Gras. I saved a few for craft projects. The rest are being sent to the children in my life and some preschools in Los Angeles owned by friends of mine.

I saved the medallions for ornaments for next years’ Mardi Gras tree. And, I’ve always had a bunch of beads hanging on a chair somewhere in my house. I gave all my beads away before moving here so it’s nice to have a fresh pile with most of my best throws.

One more “Who Dat” for the road – a jazzy version of getting Crunk.

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  1. I came across this on someone else’s page and thought you’d get a kick out of how much of this you can relate to even after being back there for a short time:

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