Sixth Baptist and second line

Last Saturday, I ignored the festivities in town and had a nice evening at home. Sunday, I was talking to my mother when I heard the now-familiar sounds of a parade wafting through my window. I grabbed a go-cup and my cameras and ran out the door.

It’s not hard to find a parade, there’s music and streets are closed – lots of clues to lead the way. I caught the tail end and hoofed it up Jackson to try to get ahead of things. The parade took me to parts of town I rarely visit, neighbors I rarely see. I asked someone holding a flier what the parade was for and he showed me the door tag from The Sixth Baptist Church letting us know our homes had been surrounded in prayer. It was their 25th such parade, mostly children and families and high school marching bands. I thought how great it must be to raise children here, be a child here. There’s always something fun for the whole family happening. Elderly are welcome, too, and accommodated. I feel like I have permission to age here.

Walking home, I crossed the tail of yet another parade – second line for Silence is Violence, a local advocacy group.

Second line is far more chaotic. There’s the organized element, the parade floats and bands, then there’s the public at large joining in. But, a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy this video.

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