Way behind on Wednesday at the Square

It was another great week in Lafayette Square benefitting the Youth Leadership Council.


The crowd mostly stayed seated for a pop rock band called Happy Jack Frequency. Though the band is local, the music wasn’t traditional and the crowd was mostly there to hear a good ole brass band doing New Orleans tunes we all know the words to, but everyone had fun, just seated fun.


The afternoon was bittersweet. The odor of spilled oil was drowned out by the aroma of the local cuisine. Happy Jack’s Frequency may have been the first to bring up the Gulf disaster and its impact on our community, but they were certainly not the last. People onstage and off were enthusiastic about holding BP to its promise of making restitutions. The town seems in agreement on this issue – you break it, you bought it.

The crowd was on its feet and ready to dance when the Dirty Dozen Brass Band took the stage.


Formed in 1977, the band’s traditional tunes and infectious energy kicked into high gear by the time they led us all in chants of “Who Dat!” during local anthem, “When the Saints Go Marching In.” The trumpeter, Leroy Jones, played so many horns that at one point he blew two separate horns into two mics at once. Never seen that before.

I’m a sucker for a great brass band and Dirty Dozen is a truly great brass band. I loved their inclusion of so many traditional tunes including “Fiyo on the Bayou” and “Li’l Liza Jane.” It might be time to invest in some more  CD’s of  New Orleans’ artists. I bought some before moving, more when I got here, but now I’m getting a sense of my favorites – songs and bands that just put me in a great mood.

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