Wednesday at Lafayette Square

Another great Wednesday at the Square! Benny Grunch and the Bunch, best known for their local Christmas tunes like, “The Twelve Yats of Christmas” started the day off with laughter.

The three man group is fun, not despite their silliness, but because of it. What local can’t relate to the lyrics of “Ain’t No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day?” Click here to hear the catchy tune.

A party band specializing in covers of tunes we can all sing and dance to, Bucktown All-Stars,  then filled the stage with musicians (9, I think). The band has been playing together since 1992 when many of them met through high school and college. For some of the members, the All-Stars is the only band they’ve ever belonged to, which is rare in a city where everyone eventually plays with everyone. All of the All-Stars have day jobs, including a lawyer, a dentist, three music teachers, a music therapist, and architect, a member services rep for the Grammys, a clerk of courts and a consultant with the phone company.

The band has a “secret weapon,” honorary band member, Joyce La Nasa, an 79 year old woman who played tambourine beside the stage at the bands’ gigs until they finally invited her onstage. Her daughters were fans and brought her to a show and she kept on coming. Ms. La Nasa, who wears white gloves while playing her various instruments, began playing percussion in 2005 proving it’s never too late to join the party.

Joyce La Nasa is the recipient of the 2009 People’s Health Champion award. The winner of this award gets to be featured on the JumboTron at a Saints game and receive their award on the field.

Only two weeks remain in the YLC Wednesday at the Square program. Bummer, I was getting pretty used to these fun, fabulous, free concerts.

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