Day 44

I have very little time and a lot to say.

Tony Hayward said today, “I’m sorry. We’re sorry for the massive disruption it’s caused their lives. There’s no one who wants this over more than I do. I’d like my life back.” I’ll bet the 11 dead rig workers would like their lives back. I’ll bet their families and friends and coworkers wish they had their lives back. I’ll bet the over 700 documented dead animals want their lives back, too. Get it, Tony Phony Bologna? They’re DEAD. Get it, you arrogant, insensitive liar? Yeah, I’m angry, I’m fed up. I’ve resorted to name calling – or rather – naming what I see.

I’ll bet the fisherman, charter boat owners, oil workers, shrimpers, beach goers and the entire Katrina-exhausted people of the great state of Louisiana would like theirs lives back. Soon, we’ll want our beaches back, our food, our water. Get it? You’re not even close to done, sir. Buckle in for a long and bumpy ride if you think we care about inconveniencing you by holding you to your admitted (and well compensated) job responsibilities. Trust me when I say you have now clarified where you stand on things and we heard you loud and clear. I’ll make you a deal, you bring back our coastline, 31% of the Gulf (as of yesterday), all the dead animals and the 11 dead workers you incinerated at sea through your gross negligence or systematic failure to live up to even your own companies safety regulations and you can have your greed-driven life back. Deal?

Last night, when the 8 pm shift arrived at work, they said there was a refinery fire so large it was visible from the 10 highway. I cannot find one piece of news about it anywhere, but I smelled it on my 5 am drive home. I’m looking into it.

As the truth of the photo op workers planted when Obama was here has been revealed, I feel the need to point out that they not only lied to all of us about those workers, but there is almost nothing being done to keep ahead of or clean up the spill even as millions more gallons gush out. President Obama said he’d send 3 times more clean-up workers. First of all, most of the shore has 0 workers. 0 x 3 = 0. Many shores and marshes have 4 to 6 workers. 6 x 3 = 18. That’s just math. And doesn’t his days old pleadge to get us 3 times as many workers imply that they lied when they said all available and needed help was in place?

I have always believed that we vote with our dollars. Every dollar I spend lets companies know how I feel about their products. I am no longer willing to give even one dollar to BP or any of its subsidiaries. They media keeps telling us there’s more to it than not buying gas at BP, that most of their stations are franchised and you’d be hurting local business owners. I’m almost certain that they’re right – things are complicated and some hard working people who invested in BP will be hurt. So, will stockholders, some of whom may be pension holders and kind people counting on that stock. To them, I say, join us in investing elsewhere . To them I say, I’m sorry we all believed in this company and the regulators. You are part of their collateral damage. File a claim. Supposedly, they will honor ALL legitimate claims of loss of wages.

As Nestle found out in the late 70’s, small groups of church goers and angry moms can eventually cripple your bottom line and that is the only language they understand.é_boycott

Put this list on your frig, your dashboard, bulletin boards. Companies owned by BP:





Wild Bean Cafe (makers of coffee and sandwiches often carried at AM/PM)

That’s it. Trust me when I tell you we were far more inconvenienced avoiding all of the things Nestle owned. It’s really, literally, the very least we can do to put an end to this corporate arrogance.

Florida resident, Stanley Morton III, offers some refreshing ideas on boycotting. Will they hurt BP? Probably not, but he helped cheer me up when that’s increasingly harder to do on this topic. I warn you that his language heats up at some point as we are all beginning to lose our good Southern manners in the face of the greed and incompetence and lies.

It’s day 44 and the shores of Florida have yet to be boomed or guarded in any way. The oil has been heading toward them like a slow breaking wave. Do they not see it coming? Or is it that everyone from BP and MMS and even the White House has been caught lying at least once? Not about trivial things, no. About inspections and documents and problems with the well dating back to at least March 10th. Meantime, Tony Phony Bologna wants his life back and Obama will spend tonight listening to Paul McCartney play in the White House. I hate to keep tearing at Obama but fair is fair and I called it like I saw it during Katrina when Bush and Co. failed and lied and profited and vacationed during Katrina.

For his part, true Brit, McCartney said about Obama, I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great.” Then jabbered on about how nervous he is to play for the President. Okay, I’ll put you on the list of people to have compassion for right after your fellow countryman who wants his life back. What a bunch of whiners.

By the way, boom is meant as a temporary measure to hold oil until it can be collected. No one is collecting the oil and it keeps coming. The sand berms were finally approved today, more than a month after they were requested and only after proving it would work by having the National Guard build one in 4 days. Meantime, BP has approved use of chemicals banned in their own country. (Please feel free to check my facts as I’m running out of time).

And then there the Atlantis. Whistle-blower, Ken Abbott, who managed BP’s engineering documents for the rig almost 200 miles south of New Orleans, said in February 2009 that thousands of Atlantis engineering documents and drawings were either incomplete or not properly reviewed by BP. Those documents are used to prove BP can operate the platform safely and, “Shut it down or at least control any unsafe event.” See CNN’s report here:

Another whistle-blower said that if Atlantis goes, it will make the Deepwater spill look like a hiccup. Oh sure, BP says it’s safe. First of all, to believe anything they say about anything is sheer folly and denial at this point. Second, who cares if they say it’s safe, stuff happens. We could have a sinkhole bigger than the one that swallowed a Guatemalan office building and house yesterday since they have not replaced one drop of the gushing oil with sea water (normal procedure is to replace the volume of what’s spilled so that the sea floor won’t collapse). We could have a quake. Or, we could have what we have every year – hurricanes. Anything could happen and they have already proved that they have paltry-to-no measures in place to deal with a spill of any type or size.

Okay, gotta work. In summary: if someone from BP or MMS told me the sky was blue, I’d go check. They are proven liars, caught over and over and over on camera for all of us to see. Boycott BP and its subsidiaries. There is no effective plan to stop the flow and almost no effort being made to collect the oil or block it from our shores. This is not a Louisiana problem, it will affect many things for many years (the Exxon Valdez just settled another case recently, 20 years later), and will enter our food and water supplies. Many beaches and shores are being damaged or destroyed right now. We shouldn’t trust anyone who’s under criminal investigation, especially a company with the worst safety record in the industry. And Tony Hayward, I invite you and those you love to come swimming in the waters you say are so clean, bring the kids! (and a HazMat suit and the gas masks you REFUSE to give the workers)

Oh yeah, and BP, inexplicably still being allowed to make decisions, has failed again and now more oil is gushing and it’s all taking longer than they said it would. De ja vu. Why does anyone put stock in the whole August thing?

Here’s NASA’s view of the spill up to May 27.

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  1. marilyn

    Laura youre the best. I will definately boycott Arco and am pm which i dont go to anyway..Jon Stewart did a bit last night on Obama showing him mtg with the womans basketball team, then cutting to his oil speech then to Marv Alpert, hes so concerned hes going to hear Mc Cartney! Not a great image..

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