I’ve been cheating on you

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I sometimes drop off the map for a few days. Yes, there are times when I’m just too busy living to write about life. But, the truth is that I took a position writing for a local paper and writing articles takes even more time and energy than writing my blog posts.

It started with the Wednesday on the Square events benefitting the Young Leadership Council. I was already attending the event every week and already writing about it for you readers, so writing about it for another audience was seductive. What can I say… there was beer, it just happened. If you’d like to read the articles, I’ve arranged them in the order of most recent to the oldest (the first time I strayed).






I’ve also done some celebrity interviews. The first was with Academy Award winer, Richard Dreyfuss, and the most recent was with Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for The Dude in The Big Lebowski.



There was also an interview with a local band, Gravity A.


And coverage of the first annual Oyster Fest.


Last, but not least, I reviewed Iron Man 2 and the experience of seeing it at the midnight show at the Prytania Theatre.


After all these weeks of disappearing here and there from this blog, I’m glad I got that off my chest. I hope you enjoy the articles as well as the freshest paper in town, Nola Defender!

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