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In July, I confessed that I’ve been writing articles for a locally-base online paper, NOLA Defender. For those of you who’ve enjoyed my articles and in an effort to give you an easy reference, here are links to my latest articles.

The first links are part of an ongoing series of interviews with Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for The Dude in “The Big Lebowski.”I’ve listed them in order from first to last as they are sequential sections of a long conversation Jeff and I had one night by phone.

The NOLA Defender has gone out of business – as have my old links. You can find updated links HERE.







If you enjoy them, the next installments will publish on Mondays at:


I also wrote a lovingly competitive tribute to 2 of the best sno-ball stands this city has to offer. As an added bonus, the paper chose to run the photos of my mother and niece at one of our many sno-ball moments during their recent visit to the city.


The following are two press releases I sculpted, one announcing a contest for grants from Threadhead Records and the other announcing the winners. Threadhead, as I’ve mentioned several times before, is an organization created in the wake of the Katrina disaster, to support local musicians in their efforts to support themselves.



This is the first in a series of articles about volunteering for local charities. As someone with more time than money, I’m exploring ways to contribute to my community while improving my mental health.


If you read my posts about Albert Joseph Jackson, the Moses of Magazine Street, it should come as no surprise that I wrote his obituary for the NOLA Defender.


Lastly, this page contains the paper’s biography for me as well as a photo.


And if you’d like a listing of the previous articles, here’s the original post confessing that I’ve been writing articles on the side.



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