Belladonna Spa day

Today, I enjoyed the luxury of Belladonna Day Spa and Retail Therapy on Magazine Street. I’ve been privileged to visit spas in Los Angeles and a couple other cities but had no idea what to expect. Turns out spas are fairly universal. The biggest difference was probably the large gift and body care storefront. There’s even a section for pet care and green cleaning supplies.

I was offered a beverage while I shopped and waited for my masseuse. After Desirée introduced herself, I followed her to a dimly lit room with Japanese paper doors and soothing music playing. Desirée has very strong, sure hands and a wealth of knowledge specializing in reflexology. I’ve had a LOT of massages and I can tell you that young woman knows what she’s doing. Not only did she give me one heck of a corrective yet relaxing massage, she showed me lots of ways I could work on my back at home.

Afterward, I was given a really awesome robe, beyond description, and showered off the Tiger Balm-like creme she’d massaged into my muscles. I was supplied with a key for a locker and adorable rubber sandals. How adorable? They were the same cute-sandals-you-can-wear-in-the-rain brand I had on my feet.

I snacked on an apple and bottled water while waiting for an escort to my jacuzzi. In every other spa I’ve been to, jacuzzis have always been communal and reeked of chlorine. I was assured I could wear a suit or go au natural, but I assumed I was joining other women. Instead, I was led through a beautiful and serene patio area to a private curtained room. The jacuzzi was molded to accommodate 2 different places to lay.  I let it bubble and beat me for about 1/2 hour then called it a day.

At the register, Desirée had left a note with hand written instructions for all of my home care. The girls at the counter were discussing that one of them had just bought the Ying Yang Twins’ song, “Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk).” We shared how excited we’re all getting for the Saints’ game Thursday and how much that song puts us in a happy place. Refreshingly different chatter than I normally hear in spas.

It was a totally refreshing and relaxing experience. I walked there (GORGEOUS day today) with little more than keys and a wallet and all of my other needs were provided for. Even got a cute greeting card there.

I wondered what luxuries I might be giving up moving here from L.A. I’ll wonder no more about being able to find a place to be pampered.


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2 responses to “Belladonna Spa day

  1. I was told about your blog by a mutual friend, JD. We apparently have a lot in common regarding our backgrounds.

    I love the photo on your front page!

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