Oil – all day, everyday

With credit to the Times Picayune for these startling photos, try to guess what you’re looking at.

Fish Kill 9-10-10 (2).JPG

Fish Kill 9-10-10 (1).JPG

Pavement, right? No.

Dead fish. Millions and millions of dead fish. These photos were taken last Friday.

For those of you who don’t have access to our local news, here’s a 1 1/2 minute report on the kill.

There are massive fish kills at Bayou Chaland, west of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish (where the photos were taken) as well as recent kills in St. Bernard Parish and Mississippi.

And new oil has been bubbling up. New oil surfaced in Barataria Bay last Friday and Saturday. Heavy tar has been found under the sand in Chaland Pass on Thursday.

I’m like anyone else, I’d like to believe the few bits of good news I see on TV (like – there’s no oil),  I’d like to believe my government cares if I’m killed by a foreign corporation’s greed and negligence, I’d like for the oil to be gone and this nightmare to be behind us. BUT, the well still isn’t capped, the government continues to lie about the facts of what’s happening here and there are new reports of oil all day everyday. After the Saints’ victory the other night, I was high on life and happy as a clam. Who Dat! I passed an open window and smelled something I hoped I’d never smell again, oil. Damn.

The oil is headed  to the East Coast and Europe. Coming soon to a waterway near you – thrills, spills and kills! And there are miles and miles of thick oil sediment sitting near the Gulf floor. We will not know the effects of drastic the ecological changes to the Gulf until they float to the surface like the tar balls and dead fish that surface all day, everyday.

Though I hate to send readers to another blog for their oil updates, I’ve found a site worth checking out. It’s written by Stuart Smith, an attorney with a vested interest in proving BP’s liability, but the reporting is fair and always backed up with sources. It’s updated daily with reports on everything from oil sitings to health concerns.



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6 responses to “Oil – all day, everyday

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  3. Thank you for posting this — and particularly, for posting the TP pictures and news story.

  4. Renay Lang

    That is one of the saddest pictures I’ve ever seen. The national news seems to be moving on with decreasing coverage of the BP spill. We hear that fisherman and shrimpers have gone back to work and apparently the oil is “gone” although I hope that anyone with a brain does not believe it. The fish kills need to make it on national news so that everyone in the country will realize that the oil is not “gone” and its effects continue to be disastrous.

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