Hornets and Tigers and Saints, oh my!

The New Orleans Hornets had their 6th straight win last week. They’ve beat several of the top ranked teams to remain undefeated. They’d already surpassed a team record when they got 5 wins to start the season. This new coach seems positively inspirational. But don’t take my word for it, watch a game and see for yourself.


The LSU Tigers are also undefeated. Their game last was a nail-biter, 14-10 with 4 seconds on the clock. After a complicated comedy of errors, LSU managed to score a touchdown in the last play of the game. It was such a great game that I know of a wedding that was delayed 45 minutes so people could finish watching.


And, of course, our fabulous Saints trounced the Carolina Panthers 34-3 which brings them to 6-3.  2 Dat!


The timing of my move here means that I’ll always love the Saints most and best. Celebrating with a city that just won it’s first Super Bowl would be great in any city, but as I have often elaborated on in this blog, New Orleans took the win to a whole new level of celebration. I will never forget being among the over 800,000 (in a city of less than 400,000) who attended the Victory Parade. It was a sea of love.

And my parents met at LSU, so I wouldn’t even exist if not for that school. I was a diehard Terps football fan for a couple of years but haven’t paid attention to college football since I graduated. Now, I own an LSU Tigers t-shirt (along with my Saints t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, slippers and earrings).

But I’m surprised to find myself enjoying the Hornets more and more. I’ve always admired the game and its players, but I’ve never cared about any particular basketball team, never watched a game until I moved here. My friends in Los Angeles must be surprised to see me giving up movie-viewing time to watch sports.

It was a great week to cheer for our local teams. Try it, you might like it.


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3 responses to “Hornets and Tigers and Saints, oh my!

  1. ross turlington

    Hey you;) LSU has lost one game, to Auburn:24-17. They’re ranked #5 in the country though, not too shabby! Hope all is well with you lovely lady. All the best, Ross

    • From today’s NOLA Defender: “Our solitary loss comes at the hands of Auburn who are embroiled in scandal surrounding QB, Cam Newton, cheating, and pay-to-play. Now, there is talk that Auburn may be forced to forfeit their wins, making LSU undefeated.”

  2. Mother

    I think you “have to be there.” But I love you loving it.(Basketball on TV I mean.)
    I’m more pa (oh how do you spell that word that means you love your country) than ever how that I have seen the human flag. Now extraordinary (don’t they have a spell check on blogs?). Halloween looks a little naughty in the Big Easy. Anyway I love coming to NO with you through your blog.

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