Oh, Christmas tree…

For years, my friend, Angela, and I have been making ornaments for our trees from Sculpy clay as well as beaded ornaments. We’d start between September and November and press through until the trees were up. Over the years, we enjoyed the ritual as well as the ornaments we’ve accumulated.

In Los Angeles, friends would come by to see the tree and I’d point out the new ornaments. There would always be some inspired by recent events in my life as well as a Baby New Year.

Since moving here, I don’t have as many visitors to my house, but I put a few photos of ornaments on my blog last week and found it was a new way to share my tree. This is my first time responding to a “popular demand” since my friends rallied for me to start this blog a year ago.

Here’s a link to the Saints-inspired ornaments:


And photos of a few more favorites…


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2 responses to “Oh, Christmas tree…

  1. Mother

    Don’t ask me to pick my favorite because that ‘s not going to happen. However my tree would be prettier with a beaded ball ornament. How cute is Santa taking a bath. I didn’t even know he took baths. Every time I look at my tree I can’t find my Peach Princess but I know she is there somewhere. Next year I am going to give her a better stop on the tree. On the last picture there is a brown house with white trim I wish you had a closeup of. The T-shirt shop is too adorable. Now you can choose wether to give me the Tree of Life or Fireplace. I love you and you are too talented for words.

  2. Margaret

    YOU are so clever!! these are prescious! Have a very merry christmas . I love you! sugarfoot

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