L.A. to N.O.LA’s Favorite Things (in NOLA) 2010

I can’t get you all of this stuff, Oprah-style, but every item has links to their site. If you’d like to know more about why each is my favorite, use the search window on the lower right to find photos, videos and stories.

I continue to accumulate favorite things about New Orleans, but here’s my first year favorites in a nutshell.

Sno-Ball – SnoWizard

Try wedding cake (or nectar) with sweetened condensed milk


Gelato – La Divina

Must have flavor – Chocolate Azteca


Popsicle – Meltdown Gourmet Popsicles

Must have flavor – salted caramel


Pralines – Southern Candymakers

Because I’ve tried them all


Brownies – The Grocery, Inc.

Because The Farm of Beverly Hills is 1800 miles away now


Beignets – Cafe du Monde

Because no matter how good you remember them being, they always taste better


Breakfast – Camellia Grill

Must have item – grits


Salad – Muriel’s

Must try dish – Shrimp and Jumbo Lump Crab Salad. Sauteed shrimp and crab with super fresh asparagus, mixed greens and lime-mango vinaigrette


Appetizers – Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Must try apps: Shrimp Maque Choux (grilled shrimp with corn and garlic cream sauce) and Grilled Italian Artichokes (marinated and char-grilled, not as good as in Rome but mighty tasty)


Tapas – Three Muses

Must have dish – braised pork belly with apple chutney and scallion pancakes


Pasta – Coop’s Place

Must have dish – pasta rosa


Uptown Lunch – Gott Gourmet

Try the Shrimp BLT Wrap, a tortilla stuffed with Tabasco butter sautéed jumbo shrimp, fresh mozzarella, apple smoked bacon, roasted peppers and tomatoes, avocado, with chipotle cream cheese


Dinner Experience – Upperline

Because proprietor Miss JoAnn has lived a storied life and the evidence is all over the walls of her charming gallery/restaurant.


Brass Band – Rebirth Brass Band

About which I’ve blogged plenty


Musical Auteur – Anders Osborne

Because he came, he saw, he wrote and sang and because his concerts are always an experience


Musical Wonder Woman – Irma Thomas

If you have to ask…


Youth Band – Roots of Music

Because they provide training, tutoring, meals and rides for 125 kids throughout the city and the music is amazing


Smell – (tie) Sweet Olive, seafood boil

Sweet olive because it smells vaguely of honied ripe apricots or peaches and perfumes the Garden District and seafood boil because it smells like home and means great food is near

Venue – Lafayette Square

Because it hosts the Wednesday in the Square and Harvest the Music concert series. Great times benefitting great causes



Festival – French Quarter Fest

Because it was giant and intimate at the same time and all about local


TV Show – Treme

Because it’s great and the locals play themselves


Sports Team – The Saints

Because they teach us that anything is possible


Parade – Saints Victory Parade

You had to be there


Charity – tie – Second Harvest

Because every dollar feeds a local family of four and the need is so increased after the oil spill


Raintree Children and Family Services

Serving special needs children as well as foster child and adoption services. Because they also run Raintree House, a group home for teenage girls with no family or foster family.


Tranquil Spot – The Singing Oak

“The Singing Oak” created by Jim Hart, a live oak in City Park covered in giant wind chimes. I call it the bing bong tree.


Beer Spot – Lost Love Lounge

Because the people are great and you never know who you may meet there and because they host scotch tastings and game days with free food


Radio Station – WWOZ

Because they play all the music I’ve heard live and teach me to long for more


Newspaper – NOLA Defender

Because I’m biased


Local Character (present) DancingMan504

Because he dances rain or shine, keeps second line alive and teaches it to children through Heal to Toe


Local Character (RIP) Albert Joseph Jackson

Because he was a blessing to all he met


Moment – Saints winning the Super Bowl

Because it proved anything could happen and brought everyone together


Phrase – Who Dat!?!

Because “I Believe” is more poignant but “Who Dat” is much more fun to say!


Dance – “Getting Crunk”

Because we dance after every touchdown


Awesome Cultural Thing – Mardi Gras Indians

Because they’re beyond beautiful and embody the gumbo of our heritage


Favorite Theatre – Prytania

Not only because it’s the only single screen theatre left in Louisiana, but because of the many events they sponsor.


Gallery – Louis Sahuc Photo Gallery

Because of the series, “The Memories of Margi and Joe” and the photo of Dennis Hopper


Antique Shop – Greg’s Antiques and Other Assorted Junk

Because they have salvaged windows and Who Dat! signs worked from metal scraps, gorgeous and reasonably priced antiques, old lanterns, door hinges and even a Mardi Gras Indian costume


Who Dat and Carnival Couture Shop – Fleurty Girl

Because they have black and gold tutus, local t-shirts like, “There’s no place like Houma,” Who Dat jewelry, colorful rubber cowboy boots, fleur de lis cookie cutters and painted roof tiles.


Hats – Fleur de Paris hat and dress shop

Seeing is believing


Bookstore – Garden District Book Shop

Because they constantly host readings and signings and have an eclectic mix of books with a heavy bent toward local writers.


Litter – Mardi Gras Beads in Trees

Because every day there are reminders that life is a celebration


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2 responses to “L.A. to N.O.LA’s Favorite Things (in NOLA) 2010

  1. mary

    Yay for us New Orleanians! I love all your favorite things too!

  2. Mother

    Oh Wow!! What a year you have had in order to be able to have such a list.

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