NOLA Wedding and Krewe de Boob

Carnival is approaching and the city is alive with celebration. With Valentine’s Day coming last weekend, love was in the air. Walking down Royal St. the other night, I heard a brass band playing “Treme Song” as they approached. We looked to find the source and saw a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a white Cinderella gown and realized it was a wedding! The bride and groom pumped their second line umbrellas as did the rows of bridesmaids. The wedding party held their white kerchiefs high as they danced down the middle of the street and rounded the corner heading, no doubt, to a reception with fabulous food and great music.

I’ve never suffered wedding envy before, my marriage may have failed but the wedding was great and we had the good sense to include New Orleans in our honeymoon. As the wedding party disappeared behind the corner, I thought, “I wish we’d paraded through the streets.”

See if you can watch the video without making the same wish.

Sunday, I was watching a pretty terrible movie in a living room in the French Quarter when we heard a brass band outside and jumped off the couch like we had buzzers up our bums. It was the Pinettes Brass Band, the first all female brass band, leading a Krewe on a pub crawl. The Krewe paraded down the street throwing hot pink and black beads that matched their t-shirts which read, “Krewe de Boob.” I’ve warned you many times that people here will celebrate anything…

Enjoy the vicarious thrill.

I had a strange moment today. I just finished watching all 6 seasons of Lost in less than one month. If you’ve seen the series, you know what a mind trip it can be. There were a few people I’d see in the most random of places during my nearly 18 years in Los Angeles. Some of them were anonymous but some were famous. I’ve never met Lukas Haas but he would pop up in one odd place after another in my L.A. world.

Today, I was walking home on Magazine St. and had to negotiate a small cluster of people. As I passed Lukas Haas, time slowed down and for a moment, I thought, “Where am I?” By the time I got to the next crosswalk, all hopped-up on Lost logic, I had the thought, “What if none of this is real?” and even just letting the thought cross my brain brought me such sadness that, if I ever had any doubt, I now know with certainty that New Orleans brings me joy like no other city ever has.

Happy Valentine’s Day New Orleans, I love you.

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