Krewe of Pygmalion

Krewe of Pygmalion rolled on the heels of the Knights of Sparta last Saturday night, the topper to a 3 parade day. One of the more affordable krewes, both men and women ride. This year’s theme was “It’s All Greek to Me.” Greek Gods and Goddesses fronted the many floats but weren’t as spectacular as the royalty riding the floats. The peacock-like sequined displays surrounding the King, Queen and court are so cumbersome that the women are held up by an unseen harness hanging from a pole behind them.

My only confusion was over their Grand Marshal, the cast of Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club. This city doesn’t usually cotton to people showing off their bad manors. Turns out they’re shooting here and the producers called several krewes looking for someone to take the girls on. The float appeared drama-free and I’ll bet the footage from the float is great.

Where Sparta had great bands, the Krewe of Pygmalion had many great dance teams including Barbara’s Academy of DanceOperation Dance New OrleansDiamond GirlsDance Innovation and the adorable Majorettes “R” Us. Even the High Schools featured seemed to have superior dance squads. I especially liked the girls of  G.W. Carver grooving to the drum beat, the booty shakers of Warren Easton Charter School and the girls of Sophie B. Wright. Other great schools included St. AugustineAbramson Science and Technology and the baton twirlers of John McDonogh.

And then there was Joseph S. Clark. Parents marched along with their kids carrying “SAVE CLARK HIGH” signs. I had a lot of things to worry about in high school but I never had to worry about them shutting my school down. I wish them well in their fight for their school.

Owing to the near non-stop dancing and music, I’d say it was my favorite parade of the 3-parade day.

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