Krewe of Ancient Druids Parade

The spookiest Krewe, the Ancient Druids, rolled through Uptown Wednesday night. Since it was a school night and only one krewe paraded, the crowds were smaller, but they put on a fairly big show with a funky medieval tone. Between the masked, Merlin-capped riders and the giant horses, I half expected someone to bring me a pint of ale.

The theme was, “Druid Games” and they saved the best of the theme floats for last with “Naked Twister,” complete with black censor strips over the nude statue with a Twister backdrop.

The crowd really came to life for the Marine Corps Band. The cowboys who rode to smooth R&B were a hit, too. I’m always a fan of the rolling bands and this krewe featured The Yat Pack. For those not in the know, “Yat” is short for “where you at?” which can also mean, “How’s it going?” Yat is also the name for the almost Brooklyn-like dialect of some New Orleanians and a name for the people who speak it.

There were some great dance teams including Pure Envy, XTreme Voltage, the poodle-skirted Muff-A-Lottas, Superstar Steppers, Operation Dance and the quirky and cool Gris Gris Strut.

Thanks to our handy dandy app, Mardi Gras Parade Tracker, I’m able to time leaving my house knowing EXACTLY where the front of the parade is. Though the weather’s been glorious this year, I wish I’d had the app last year when it was too cold to make the mistake of standing outside waiting for over an hour for the parades to finally wind their way down St. Charles.

Enjoy the video and photos!

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