Knights of Chaos

The Knights of Chaos is one of the city’s newer krewes. Founded in 2000, their satirical floats are fashioned by fantastic float makers – Royal Artists. Their name comes from the Greek word meaning, “A great confusion out of which a supreme being created all life.” This year’s theme was, “Chaos Eats Out, No Reservations” and though much of the humor is bawdy, the krewe is very family-centered. 

This was my first time seeing Chaos as they were cancelled for weather last year. Part of the 3 parade Thursday night schedule, last year’s Muses and Babylon parades were rescheduled, but Chaos’ Superbowl-celebrating floats and “Chaos Has A Ball” theme were never seen. Though heartbreaking, the floats are made for whitewashing and starting over.

There were some great bands including the amazing and disciplined Roots of Music and the colorful Prime Time Brass out of Rochester, New York. There were also a few rolling bands including parade favorites St. Charles Streetcar Band and  Arnie’s Jazz Gents.

High schools included Chalmette, the enthusiastic Baker as well as Langston Hughes and Tipitina’s Foundation recipients, Miller-McCoy. Miller-McCoy is New Orleans’ only all-boys charter public school and just started their band last September with the instruments generously donated by Tipitina’s Foundation. Looks like a wise investment thus far as the boys have been marching their boots off this parade season.

And many thanks again to Mardi Gras Parade Tracker, without which, I’d have never known when to take my bathroom break on a 3 parade night!

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