artist, manicurist, face painter, tattooist

6 responses to “artist, manicurist, face painter, tattooist

  1. Kaia lived at the Truck Farm, the grounds for Chaz Fest, for two years. She’s always happy to paint for the festival and play business woman in her old back yard.

  2. Laura Paternoster

    Thank you, we think so too!

  3. katherine o'hagan

    Great blog, I have enjoyed reading it. I came across it after returning from Week 2 of Jazz Fest this year.

    I was curious if you knew the name of the little girl artist at Chaz Fest. I just adored her, and you are spot on accurate with your description; soul of an artist and the moxy of a savy business woman. I bought her last painting (the little girl with the bandana against the greenish backdrop). If you can recall her name, I’d appreciate your help! Many thanks.

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