Golden Feather Unmasked

Spy Boy Ricky, a Mardi Gras Indian and member of the community has been jailed under dubious circumstances and people have mobilized to free him. The newly opened Golden Feather Mardi Gras Indian Restaurant Gallery hosted a fundraising event with food, beverages and a silent auction. Though the crowd was interesting, the was food tasty and the Indian suits throughout the restaurant/gallery were dazzling to look at, the highlight was when several men in the crowd led by Yellow Pocahontas Hunters Second Chief, David Montana, began to bang their drums and tambourines.

I’ve seen the Indians march and I’ve gone to their concerts, but this was the first time when no one was wearing any feathers or beads. Yes, they were surrounded by the magnificent suits on display, but the moment wasn’t about the grandeur of the suits, it was about the rhythm of life. It didn’t hurt that their first tune was my favorite of the Indian songs, My Indian Red. That song sounds more soulful every time I hear it.

I’ve also never heard their music indoors before. With the rhythm resounding from the walls, it was like being inside something alive with its heart thumping in your ears. Amazing.

Spy Boy Ricky, the man for whom everyone came together, works feeding the homeless at the St. Jude Community Center. He has been at many events I’ve attended and I have included nameless photos of him shaking his tambourine and tail-feather at many events.

Here is Spy Boy Ricky’s story and a link to donate. Make your donation to (be sure to click on the tab to mark your gift as a donation rather than payment for a good or service so they don’t get taxed or have to pay a fee to paypal for it.)

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