Harvest the Music and Rebirth!

The good news is that I’ve been very busy. The bad news is that I’ve missed all of my beloved Harvest the Music Wednesdays. Today was the last one and I was thrilled to finally rejoin the music lovers in suits or tie-dye. I ate Cafe Adelaide‘s Shrimp & Cognac & Goat Cheese Grits ($6) and resisted the dipped strawberries, cupcakes and other treats ($2 – $4) from Bittersweet Confections as well as the plentiful Abita Beer. Food and beverage sales at Harvest the Music benefit one of my favorite non-profits, Second Harvest. Every dollar can feed a family of 4 one meal.

Mississippi Rail Company, a blues-rock-bluegrass band, was already onstage when I arrived. I’ve Got My Mojo Working got my feet moving and I loved the way the sax player “twiddled” the keys like bird wings fluttering. Travers Geoffray’s voice was one of those ones that’s both smooth and rough at the same time, with some sugar dripping off the edges. As much as I love seeing my favorite bands, I also love meeting new ones. After all, my favorites are almost all bands I’d never even heard of when I moved here.

During the break, Entergy’s Bill Mohl presented a check for $50,000 to Second Harvest’s Natalie Jayroe. Hallelujah! Downtown NOLA‘s Anthony Carter talked about the Downtown Development District’s support for the concert series. I spotted Glen David Andrews in the crowd before the annual dance contest. This year’s dance contestants were an Australian visiting America for the first time, the NOLA crochet-wearing earth mother and a psychedelic senior-citizen b-boy. The women were no match for the senior b-boy’s floor moves (photos below).

Anyone who reads this blog knows about my love for the Rebirth Brass Band. Now that they’re the first brass band to ever win a Grammy, the world knows why. They opened with a round of Who Dats and Do It Again, one of my very favorite Rebirth songs and the Saints song that got me through the darker days of the bounty scandal. After some of their best instrumentals, the band launched into chanting “Hey, don’t you go nowhere, Rebirth’s on it’s way. Hey, don’t go nowhere, Rebirth’s here to stay!” Somehow, that was comforting.

With his sexy sock-pow energy, Derek Shezbie is like the Darren Sproles of Rebirth (does that make Derrick Tabb the super-skilled quiet-riot powerhouse Jimmy Graham?). The band kept the energy going with Mardi Gras Indian song, Let’s Go Get ‘Em then What Goes Around. I started to notice something we never see in this wet climate, a dust cloud overtaking the crowd. Guess it’s been awhile since it rained.

But “a Rebirth party don’t stop!” so the dancing and call-backs continued through that tune then crowd favorite, Casanova. In a surprise move, the band came down from the stage and wound their way through the crowd, switching to NOLA anthem, Do Watcha Wanna on the return trip. They closed out the night and this season’s concert series and reminded us all of the great work snare drummer, Derrick Tabb has done with his non-profit The Roots of Music (love the new website design). Readers of this blog know I’m blown away by this program and the resulting marching band, The Roots of Music Marching Crusaders. The band has been selected to march at this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1st, 2013. I can’t wait to cheer them on from my living room. Rebirth also made a point of reminding us all to VOTE!

Wish I’d made it to more of the Wednesdays, but if I could only attend one, you know Rebirth was at the tipity-top of my list. Until next year…

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