Molly’s Halloween Parade

Since 1995, Molly’s at the Market has sponsored a Halloween parade in the French Quarter. The Storyville Stompers led throngs of costumed paraders on Decatur along with the Bearded Oysters, the New Wave Brass Band, the Kazoozie Floozies and the Muff-a-Lottas.

Though beads were thrown from horse-drawn carriages and dancing was done in the streets, Halloween is really about the costumes so I leave you with photos, photos, photos.


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4 responses to “Molly’s Halloween Parade

  1. Pat Edmonds

    Love all these pictures. Really creative people and fun!

  2. Emily Adonna

    How hilarious was that Mexican alien?! How exactly do you come up with that idea? What was that conversation like? “OK, I’ve got it, I’m gonna be an alien, but more specifically, a *Mexican*alien!” And what was with those red and whit striped people? I liked the guy riding his horse. Very well done. Buzzed light looked the part.

    My goodness, people are so creative.

    Many thanks for the photos. Be well, Emily

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