Krewes of Babylon, Chaos and Muses Parades

Last year, I had very little time to luxuriate in Mardi Gras madness. Django Unchained was ramping up to arrive on Ash Wednesday and I was traveling and working hard to prepare for filming. This year, the movie is out and it’s a hit – #1 globally 3 weeks in a row, 2 Golden Globe wins and 5 Oscar nominations including Best Picture. I can hardly believe I’m a part of it. But between the movie and my new book, Know Small Parts: An Actor’s Guide to Turning Minutes into Moments and Moments int a a Career, I’m again traveling and working hard during Mardi Gras.

Thank goodness for the WWL parade tracker. Though I love visiting with my neighbors and making new friends, for those in a  time-crunch, the app lets you know exactly where the parades are at all times. Even without spending extra time on the route, something’s gotta give so forgive my terse descriptions and enjoy the photos and videos.

For those who’d like to see more on the history and founding stories of the krewes, here’s more information on the Krewe of Muses and the Knights of Chaos and Babylon.

I had the best of intensions but couldn’t get to editing the videos of Chaos and Babylon. I hope to find time soon. Enjoy this video of Muses. It features dancers, baton twirlers and marching bands from St. Augustine, O. Perry Walker, Xavier, Edna Karr, G.W. Carver, McMain, West Jefferson, Sophie B. Wright, Walter L. Cohen, L.B. Landry, Martin Behrman and Kipp Renaissance high schools. Also includes dancing from the Pussyfooters, Camel Toe Steppers, 610 Stompers, Cherry Bombs and Bearded Oysters.  Adult bands include 9th Ward and Stooges! Also parading are the Big Easy Roller Girls, flambeau, Marching Dead Rock Stars and Rolling Elvi as well as the Sirens’ new float.

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