Endymion Parade from the Bleachers

Endymion, a super krewe, delivered a new topper to an already dazzling parade – a 9 car float honoring Pontchartrain Beach, a long-gone beach and amusement park where many locals spent their childhoods and even Elvis played a concert. I’ve attended the parade on Canal St. (only for tourists and the truly daring), on St. Charles when rain rescheduled it (which was more mellow), inside the Morial Convention Center when I attended the Endymion Ball (which rocked – catching beads in ball-gowns and tuxedoes!) and this year, for the first time, we watched from the bleachers near City Hall.

One of the best things about the parades are that they are 100% free for parade-goers. Standing in the bleachers costs money – Saints game money. That said, it was nice having a place to sit, it was great being taller than the people in front of you, and it was really nice not having to fight for your spot. The promised portalette was overfull and unusable and at least half of my beads and toys fell beneath the bleachers but Endymion is more crowded than most parades and a little room to move goes a long way.

The 9 car float was well worth the wait. I couldn’t use my camera while the cars were in front of me (rule number one at a parade is always “protect the head” and the guys at Endymion have some strong throwing arms – I got the annual fat lip and black&blue fingertips to prove it)

Float Master Blaine Kern opened the parade which included marching bands from Alabama A&M, Talladega College (who were great), St. Augustine, Warren Easton, Eleanor McMain, Dominican, Xavier Prep, and the always fabulous St. Paul as well as some amazing unidentified band who put on quite a show.

My video also features Citadel marchers, clydesdales, flambeau, the Yat Pack, the Ramblers, the Petoskey Steel Drum Band from Michigan and the back of Kelly Clarkson’s head.

Sorry I didn’t have time to label most of the photos.

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