Okeanos, Mid-City, Thoth and Bacchus Parades

Saturday was a big parade day. I envy the children and imagine the marathon party of Mardi Gras is so much more fun for kids than the one single day of Christmas. If we adults look forward all year to wearing costumes, playing in the street and catching beads and toys, the kids must go bananas!

I apologize for being so brief but my time is spoken for. Okeanos’ vacation-themed parade featured Vince Vance, Girlz N Motion, Majorettes R Us, Dance Innovation, Gold Dusters, Prime Time Brass Band, Swampwater Brass Band and Skinz N Bonz.  CLICK HERE for more history and stories of Okeanos.

I love Mid-City’s brightly-colored tinfoil-covered floats. Their parade started with the excellent marching bands from St. Augustine and Sophie B. Wright. For more history of the Krewe of Mid-City CLICK HERE.

A day with 4 parades is a day with a lot of breaks. This city’s love affair with football plays out with children and families playing in the bead-covered streets and I love the kids who jumprope using beads strung together.

Next up was daytime favorite, Krewe of Thoth, the “hospital parade” named for its route past hospital-bound patients and medical staffers. I loved how they stretched their “King” theme to include everything from King crabs to Stephen King and Elvis. For Krewe of Thoth history and more CLICK HERE. The parade featured the Yat Pack, Gris Gris Strut, 610 Stompers, Psycho Pontchartrain Beach Party from Roux La La, Irish Channel Corner Club, Pussyfooters, VooDoo Dolls and marching bands from Helen Cox and Kipp Central City.

After dark, it was time for Bacchus. We found it odd that Kong and his wife’s float rode first and it dawned on me that I’m beginning to live in the rhythm of Mardi Gras and develop a personal history of these parades. I remember my first King of Bacchus – Drew Brees just after the Super Bowl. Last year was Will Ferrell and I met his dad on the flight in from L.A. and Will greeted him with a funny sign. I have favorite floats and I know to expect lots of the medium beads with the Bacchus coins and the gator float everyone throws beads at.

The parade featured Police Academy‘s G. W. Bailey and former Saints safety Steve Gleason. Marching bands included the Roots of Music, St. Paul, Eleanor McMain, Edna Karr, Sophie B. Wright, Tower from Georgia and Shaw from Cleveland, Ohio. There were also flambeau and the Petoskey Steel Drum Band from Michigan. Enjoy the videos of Thoth (with intro from Okeanos) and Bacchus and photos from all 4 parades.

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