Krewes of Choctaw and Freret Parades

The bad news is I missed the Krewe of Pontchartrain parade. The great news is I’m working this week. As a result, I won’t be writing much but I will include more photos. I also missed the first half of my first Krewe of Choctaw parade, recently moved from the Westbank, but arrived to see the Sci Academy Starlets, McDonogh #32, Andrew H. Wilson, Alice M. Harte, Harriet Tubman and Whatever School of Dance.  My favorite moment was when Wossman got stuck in front of us and their band really put on a show.

I also enjoyed the debut of the Krewe of Freret parade with Grand Marshall, DancingMan504. Actually, the Krewe of Freret isn’t entirely new as they paraded for 40 years until the 1990’s. Many members of the new Krewe are the children of the previous membership. 

Photos include Eleanor McMain, Pussyfooter on bike, Benjamin Franklin Elementary and Dames de Perlage – their “Ain’t Dere No More” theme inspired beaded corsets depicting Brennan’s, Jax and the Dew Drop Inn. I also caught Kipp, Loyola University, El Lucha Krewe and the Son of a Saint float.

Leaving the parade to head to Krewe of Chewbacchus, we crossed paths with a wedding second line. The parades never end. Coming soon: photos from that parade as well as Barkus and Alla.

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