Krewes of Druid and Nyx Parades

Wednesday was the Krewe of Ancient Druids (established 1998) parade followed by the newest women’s parade – the Mystic Krewe of Nyx in their 3rd year. I’m scrambling to manage my schedule so apologies for not doing links to other sites, photo labels and descriptions of the evening. Since I can’t label the photos (or narrow them down much), here are the dance teams and bands I photographed at Druids: Chalmette, Shine Time, John Ehret, Helen Cox, Gris Gris Strut, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Sci Academy, Sophie B. wright, Xtreme Voltage and Superstar Steppers.

And these are the marching groups I photographed in Nyx: Sirens, Taledega, Chef Susan Spicer , St. Augustine, Dance Connection, Landry Walker, Muff-A-Lottas, Warren Easton, 610 Stompers, Disco Amigos, Edna Karr, The Pussyfooters, West Jefferson, St. Katherine Drexel (formerly Xavier), Krewe Oui Louis, Gold Dusters, Dames de Perlage, McDonogh, Cherry Bombs, Medford Nelson, Try Athletes (who were very fun), Kipp Renaissance, Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Cohen and College, Organ Grinders and Star Steppin’ Cosmonaughties.


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2 responses to “Krewes of Druid and Nyx Parades

  1. heddyn

    Did you happen to get a pic of the float spoofing the Goddess Nyx? I am Goddess Nyx III and would love to have a copy of it! There is no greater honor than to be lampooned on a float a Mardi Gras-thanks to the Druids for characterizing me as a man wearing a tutu and a blonde wig (rumor has it)! Fabulous!!!!

    Heather Hanlon Nichols

    • I’m so sorry. It seems I don’t have it. On top of the many time constraints I have this year, I’ve also run into camera/battery/memory issues so no videos and though I’m publishing plenty of photos, I actually took far less than usual.

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