Who Dat Game Day Poem

I’m no poet, but I felt inspired to express my feelings about the Saints and what it means to be a fan – in rhyme.

For Catholics, feel free to substitute the first 2 lines with, “I was born Catholic/(Though an angel, I ain’t)”

Who Dat Game Day Poem

I wasn’t born Catholic

An angel I ain’t,

But come Sunday morning

I pray for my Saints.


Young and old,

We don Black & Gold,

Take our place in the Dome

Or on the couch in our home.


We shout out “Who Dat!?!”

While hoping for a Two-Dat.

We won that Super Bowl

And it fed our heart and soul.


Our city had a rebirth

When our team was best on Earth.

We’re still dancing in the streets

Looking for that repeat.


Bless our boys win or lose.

Around here, we’re used to the blues.

But our team makes us believe.

They’re a symbol of all we achieve.


So, I wasn’t born Catholic

And an angel I ain’t,

But come Sunday morning

I’ll pray for my Saints.


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