Treme Gumbo Fest and Le Petit

My favorite food is “fest food,” so I’m always delighted when another festival rolls around and Treme Creole Gumbo Fest at Armstrong Park was made for foodies. It’s also for people who love music and local artisans. We caught Treme Brass Band with Corey Henry and Shamarr Allen & the Underdawgs. Both bands got the sizable crowd dancing – especially pint-sized Spidey504, protégé of DancingMan504. I caught him doing a move just like the logo for Jazz Fest. Spidey504 may have been born in New York 7 years ago, but his parents moved here because it’s where his soul belongs.

We sampled many gumbos including a Meaty Gumbo Z’Herbes ($7) from Woody’s Fish Tacos, Filé Gumbo ($6) from The Praline Connection (who had a great Red Beans & Greens ($7)), Chef Upendo’s Vegan Gumbo ($5) from Dreamy Weenies and Dark Roux Chicken and Sausage Gumbo ($7) from Brocato’s PoBoy & Catering – easily my favorite. I also enjoyed Brocato’s Shrimp & Roasted Corn Grits ($8) but my heart still belongs to Dreamy Weenies with their delicious Genchili Slider (a spicy dog with chili and Creole sauce ($5)).

I would’ve loved to had  some yummy Ya-Ka-Mein or gumbo or mac & cheese from Miss Linda’s Soul Food, but the line only got longer as the day got shorter.

We also attended the opening of Peter and the Starcatcher (The Neverland You Never Knew) at the Le Petit Theatre. The recently reopened theatre has a long history of excellence and a Dickie Brennan restaurant attached – making dinner and a show a snap. The show was a prequel to the Peter Pan story with inventive staging and a men-as-mermaids number that was knee-slap funny.

I’m so sorry I can’t do either the show or the fest the write-up they deserve. The good news is that I’m working on another movie. The bad news is I have no time to blog so pardon the lack of details, labels and links.


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  1. Julie

    This was my favorite Festival. Thanks for the pictures, makes me miss my old town.

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