Barkus, Allah and Femme Fatale Parades

Sunday’s parades enjoyed perfect weather. You can’t do it all during Mardi Gras so we picked the Krewes of Barkus, Allah and Femme Fatale parades. A local favorite, Barkus is the dog parade and this year’s theme was “BARK WARS: The Return of the K9” so many of the costumes and floats celebrated Star Wars. For more about the hilarious history of the ever-growing parade and the special lunch the rescue-dog King and Queen enjoy at Galatoire’s, click HERE

The Krewe of Alla, the 4th oldest Krewe, rolled on our side of the Mississippi for the second year. Last year, they were about 2 hours behind schedule and this year was the same. We even caught the end of the King Arthur parade since the day got so backed up. That meant the debut of the Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale was a few hours behind schedule as well – making a long day even longer. But, I was happy to stay to cheer on the latest addition to the Carnival season.

Femme Fatale is a women’s Krewe and their first parade was delightful and fully realized. I was lucky enough to catch one of their signature throws – a pretty, red lady’s compact. They had fun floats and pretty costumes but my favorite feature was all of the dance troupes. It seemed like every dance school in the city was out there strutting. But, of course, my biggest thrill was when the pretty-in-pink Pussyfooters rounded the corner. I got a few photos and LOTS of hugs from my corseted “sisters.”


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