Pussyfooting in Krewe of Muses

This was my second year Pussyfooting in Krewe of Muses and it was amazing! Between the sisterhood, the non-profit work and the resources available through the organization, I have plenty of reasons to love being a Pussyfooter but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that parading in Muses is reason enough. Muses is one of the ever-increasing number of female Krewes. Like many of the parades dance troupes, our organization strives to empower women of all kinds. After years of being terrified of large groups of women, I’m dancing in a group of over 100 women over-30 among over 1000 Muses Krewe members and it just feels good to be a part of it all.

But, for locals this parade is all about the shoes. There are the lighted shoes that seem to walk through the sky, the giant stiletto float, the many shoe-related throws and more – but everyone in the crowd is hoping to catch a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Muses shoe. They hold up clever signs and wear costumes hoping to catch the eye of someone willing to part with one of their coveted shoes.

This is the “Throw me somethin’ sister” parade so I hate not getting to catch all of the wonderful throws they come up with every year. I’m still using my magnetic fridge wipe-board with notepad. But it’s absolutely exhilarating to watch the city unfold while dancing in the streets. Since I knew the dances better this year, I was able to take in more of the people, their smiles and waves and shouts of, “We love you!”  And I found plenty of familiar faces in the crowd including my recent movie-husband, John Schneider and some of my cousins. Big hugs then back to dancing!

Before the parade started, I realized I’d forgotten to bring batteries for the LED lights on my farthingale. #NOLAproblems. A fellow Pussyfooter suggested I walk up to any house and ask for batteries. I had no money to offer and knew no one in that neighborhood but I walked up to a guy on a porch who took a good, hard look around his house before apologizing and sending me on my way. So I went next door to the house with dozens of Rolling Elvi and their scooters parked on it. A sweetheart named Tyler took the batteries from the TV remote and another appliance to get me fixed up – and seemed happy to do it. I love my city.


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2 responses to “Pussyfooting in Krewe of Muses

  1. If I lived there I would dream about pussyfooting with the Krewe of Muses. Love this!

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