Krewes of Thoth and Bacchus

As a member of the Pussyfooters, I danced in 2 Mardi Gras parades this year, Muses and Krewe of Thoth. Best known as “the children’s parade for it’s inclusion of the children’s hospital, Thoth has the longest parade route at about 11 miles. That’s a lot of dancing, but I comfort myself thinking of the kids carrying sousaphones and bass drums. The weather was nice again and crowds were thick. We passed Okeanos lining up on our way to Thoth then jumped into the parade a few floats after the Muff-A-Lottas passed by.(Okay, first there were about 2 hours of waiting but we kept ourselves entertained).

A few people have asked so for the record, it takes about 2 hours to get in full costume, we report to the parade line-up about an hour before the parade is scheduled, then we usually wait 1-3 hours to start, then we parade for 4-5 hours – and don’t forget trying to commute before and after parades.

You would think Thoth would’ve wiped me out but we were back out on the route to catch beads and enjoy the festivities for Krewe of Bacchus. John C. Reilly, a bunch of Nascar drivers, Rob Corddry and the Hot Tub Time Machine guys and the cast of NCIS New Orleans were among the riders. Schools included St. Augustine, Jesuit High School, McDonogh #35, Helen Cox, Edna Karr, Martin Luther King, Jr., Sophie B. Wright, Greenville and Kipp. Bands also included the amazing Roots of Music and the Petoskey Steel Drum Band out of Michigan.

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