Bonerama plays Wednesday at the Square

Wednesday at the Square is back and I was thrilled to get there this week for Bonerama, founded in 1998 by trombonists Mark Mullins and Craig Klein (former members of Harry Connick Jr.’s band 1990-2006). Guitarist Bert Cotton, a cool-dude type who can break out a major solo, has been with the band since the start. Sousaphonist/bass player Matt Perrine and A.J. Hall are newer additions but Greg Hicks is the trombonist who really completes the band musically and conceptually. Bonerama plays great New Orleans standards and originals but they are beloved for their trombone-trio versions of 70’s rock.

We were treated to a Rolling Stones song and other favorites but, alas, no Led Zeppelin – despite the guy next to me requesting “OCEAN!” in every song break. I think he spoke for a lot of us in the crowd but the evening remained Zep-free. No matter – it was a great show, a great concert and a great evening in the park with balmy weather and lots of locals. The band even made mention of loving to “play for the home team.”

Wednesday at the Square has been one of my favorite events since I first attended in 2010. I love the crowd of suited-lawyers who just got off work, Moms playing with babies on blankets and college kids dancing alongside grey-haired psychedelic-tie-dyed-t-shirt-wearers. Though I didn’t get food, one of the best things about the Wednesday series is that every dollar spent on the amazing food and beverages goes back into the community through the Young Leadership Council (YLC). Next week, Mia Borders gets things started for TYSSON.

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