Summer Reading and Writing

Whenever I go too long between writing posts for this blog, you can rest assured I’m still writing. My last few breaks in blogging resulted in Know Small Parts: An Actor’s Guide to Turning Minutes into Moments and Moments ints a Career with foreword by Richard Dreyfuss and endorsements from Kevin Costner and a dozen other industry luminaries. Next was Lemonade Farm, my first novel. Award winning and New York Times bestselling author Tom Franklin says, “I’ve read Laura’s novel Lemonade Farm and can attest to its power. It evokes the 1970s in a painfully accurate way, and is beautifully written. She manages a wide cast of characters and somehow paints adults, teenagers and children with equal skill without ever condescending to any of them. Her skill at characterization and turns of phrase, coupled with a great sense of place, makes this a heck of a novel.”

Years ago, Quentin Tarantino said I should write a series of detective novels and I’m finally taking his advice. A few weeks back, I began working on a series of mysteries set in New Orleans. As followers of this blog know, this city is one of my favorite things to write about and I look forward to readers walking a mile in main character Charlotte’s shoes as she enjoys the nuances of New Orleans culture, the beauty of it’s architecture and foliage and the delights of the local food and music.  Even better, the first novel starts in late 2009 as the Saints are heading to the Superbowl so expect some celebrating – more than usual!

I always like to publish just before Christmas (it makes my shopping list shorter). Know Small Parts took over a year to write and Lemonade Farm took about 20, but I’ve been working at a breakneck pace on this one (I’m on Chapter 5!!!) so maybe it’s not entirely crazy to think I’ll have another book on the shelves by Christmas 2015. Both current books are available online or by order at most bookstores. You can pick up signed copies at Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans and Know Small Parts is also available at Samuel French on Sunset in L.A.

Though my Aunt Norma is actually the author, I’ve included her book as I edited and published it for her.


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2 responses to “Summer Reading and Writing

  1. Eager to experience New Orleans through Charlotte’s adventures and perspective! Holding that place in my Hannukah and Xmas shopping lists!

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