Krewe of Boo 2015

This was my third year dancing with the Pussyfooters in the Krewe of Boo parade. “Chief Spookster” Brian Kern has taken the family legacy to a “greener” level with locally-made throws like Voodoo Doll pins and magnets and Candy Corn necklaces by New Orleans artists, grab bags of plush toys, frisbees and more recycled by Arc of Greater New Orleans and locally-made food items like Pralinettes from Aunt Sally’sChee Wees from Elmer’s Fine Foods and PJ’s Coffee packs.

The parade started rolling in 2007 and it was the first big parade with floats that I ever danced in. The first year, I wore a borrowed corset and ruffled shorty-shorts. I worried about knowing the dances and messed up a bunch of times. Last year, I had an official uniform and did a spider theme. I knew the dances pretty well and could focus on the crowd and having fun.

This year, I took it to another level with a 10 inch haunted house hat – owl-themed and stating, “Who Dat.” It even had a blinking multi-colored light inside. And glittered bats and spiders climbed over my lit-up farthingale hoops. By this time, I’ve helped teach our newbies the dances so I not only got to enjoy the crowd and the thrill of it all, I got to take some pride in our new girls who were fancifully dressed and well-trained in the steps.

I love watching parades – hanging out with friends and neighbors, catching throws, dancing to marching bands and clapping for dance troupes showing off their routines. But there’s something truly magical about being IN the Krewe of Boo parade – watching the Halloween-decorated city go by, smiling at wide-eyed children in adorable costumes, waving at tourists and their phones and strutting our moves to their delight and cheers. I’m already planning my costume for parading in Krewe of Jingle.

Enjoy the photos as well as a few from the Pelicans game the night before against the Miami Heat. My husband was chosen as “Fan of the Game” so we had excellent seats and I ate lobster ravioli until they put us on the brand new giant screen consuming the center of the Arena.


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4 responses to “Krewe of Boo 2015

  1. Uglyblackjohn

    I moved from a little further east to a little further west (Riverside, Ca to Beaumont, Tx). My family is originally from Church Point but it’s now spread all over Southern Louisiana. I host events at my club here but nothing come close to NOLA. Great photos.

  2. Stafford

    Good warmup for the Carnival season which (technically) begins in only 72 days. Great photos of Pussyfooters and their fellow marching groups. Looking forward to seeing them all at Mardi Gras.

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