#KnowMonologues Challenge

Earlier this year, I did an interview with Nick Savides for his Baton Rouge-based nsavides Podcast exploring collaboration and local filmmaking. He approached me with an idea of how to reenergize actors disheartened by recent changes to our state’s tax incentive program. We called it the #KnowMonologues Challenge and hoped to get 30 or so submissions. We ended up with about 90 submissions! This morning, I was proud to announce our incredibly talented winners on WWLTV with the help of Eric Paulsen. 

Our distinguished judging panel included writer/director Steven Esteb, producer/artistic director Marie Delahoussaye-Diaz, Scene Magazine’s Micah Haley, writer/director/producer Joshua Overbay, and local actor/instructors Lance E. Nichols, Ashton Leigh, Jarry Katz and Valeka Gray. (For more info: http://podcast.nsavides.com/knowmonologues-judges/)

The top 5 all receive written feedback from me. The winner also receives a signed copy of my book Know Small Parts: An Actor’s Guide to Turning Minutes into Moments and Moments into a Career with foreword by Richard Dreyfuss, a private consultation with me, a headshot photo session with Aaron Hogan and their winning monologue will be seen by actor/writer/director/producer/studio owner John Schneider for consideration in a future project.

Our submissions included actors as young as 11 and our “photo challenge” award for creative use of our hashtag went to Conway Solomon who was 13 when he entered. Clare Masa won our “social media” award for her plentiful and creative promotional Tweets and Facebook posts. Congratulations to our top performers. I honestly couldn’t be more proud to have been part of this endeavor.

1. Kelsey White


2. Bianca Siplin
3. Heather Jacoby
4. Anthony A. Kung

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