New Year/Sugar Bowl Parade

2015 was a great year in so many ways. I got to teach a graduate class at UNO instructing directors how to work with actors, I acted in several more movies and I completed another book (though a series of computer crashes prevented me from publishing The Secret of the Other Mother: A Charlotte Reade Mystery in 2015 – hoping to have it out my the end of January). And like so many things here, I got to celebrate it all with a parade and fireworks. The New Year’s Eve Parade was actually put on by the Sugar Bowl and its many sponsors and the festive Kern Studios floats reflected that. 

We didn’t attend the Sugar Bowl but we enjoyed the bands from Oklahoma State and Sugar Bowl victors – Ole Miss. Local high school bands included Landry Walker and Warren Easton.  Chicago offered bands from Carl Sandburg High School, Thomas Kelly High School and Schaumburg High School who pulled off the nifty trick of marching backward so drummers could play the cymbals ahead of them (photos below). Florida was represented by North Port and Cooper City High School whose grey ombre flags from  were spooky and stunning. There were a few other fun bands including Northridge High School of Alabama.

The routines and marching songs were great but I’m always going to be partial to the chaos and culture packed into a local brass band and Social Aid and Pleasure Club. The beautifully decked-out Big Steppers accompanied by the funky Young PinStripe Brass Band was my favorite part of the parade.

Thanks to my readers for another year! May the year ahead be our best.


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2 responses to “New Year/Sugar Bowl Parade

  1. Stafford

    Blaine Kern, Barry Kern, floats, and marching bands. What’s missing? The Pussyfooters. Technically, it’s not a parade without y’all.

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