Krewes of Hermes and d’Etat

The Mystic Krewe of Hermes kicked off the Friday before Fat Tuesday. Founded in 1937, the Krewe has  been parading longer than any other krewe that parades at night.  Some businessmen decided the best remedy for dealing with post – Great Depression woe was to expand Mardi Gras to a 5 day party. Their logic seems sound to me. Named for the messenger god, Hermes, the parade features colorful floats and some of the best school marching bands including St. AugustineWarren Easton, Sophie B. Wright, Saint Paul’s School and Central Union High School from El Centro, CA. The Candy Girls  and parade-favorites 610 Stompers provided dancing and smiles. 

Founded in 1996 and riding since 1998, Le Krewe d’Etat was the second of the 3 parades rolling Carnival Friday, “Vendredi Gras.” One of the city’s politically satirical parades, the irreverently funny floats by The Royal Artists feature skeletons and poke fun at everything from our local construction woes to the presidential election. The krewe’s motto is “Vivite ut Vehatis. Vehite ut Vevatis,” which mostly means, “Live to Ride. Ride to Live.”

Highlights included, Mitch’s Dancing Monuments, Gris Gris Strut, The Sirens and the many “flambeaux,” men twirling lit gas lamps for tips. This tradition  dates back to before the invention of the electric street light, when the flambeaux provided the only light for parades.

Already tired from a long couple of weeks of balancing work and play, we left before Morpheus rolled. Live to parade another day!

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