Krewe of Tucks Parade

Krewe of Tucks was named for a bar that doesn’t exist anymore and features a giant toilet float. Throws include rolls of toilet paper that stream through the live oaks lining the route as well a toilet plungers and specially decorated toilet brushes done by the special needs adults at Magnolia Community Services.

The vibrant parade features neon foam monsters, the beaded corsets of Dames du Perlage, the Star Wars-themed 501st Legion and Ducks of Dixieland. Kolossos (animal bikes) and the elephant-themed Great Tuskers rolled the route along with crowd-favorite lounge-chair-riding Laissez Boys. Dance troupes Organ Grinders, Muff-A-Lottas and Disco Amigos got the crowd moving along with Panorama Brass Band, Riverside Ramblers, Pink Slip, Love Bomb Go-Go out of Oregon and Rochester, New York’s returning colorfully-costumed favorite Prime Time Brass.

The hosts of WGNO’s News with a Twist, LeBron “LBJ” Joseph, Kenny Lopez, Wild Bill Wood and others looked to be having a blast on their float and we all enjoyed the many school marching bands from Helen Cox, South Plaquemines, Belaire, Singleton, Joseph S. Clark and General Trass High School.

Still to come – Endymion from the bleachers at Gallier Hall and marching with the Pussyfooters in Thoth.


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4 responses to “Krewe of Tucks Parade

  1. Monique

    Hey I’m trying to get my Team In the Parade for next year 2019 can u you call me and let me know how do I sign up

  2. Stafford

    Great write up and exceptional photos given the challenges that you faced with the chronically obstructing, toilet seat bead catcher. Happy Mardi Gras!

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