Krewe of Proteus Parade

Krewe of Proteus was the first parade to roll on Lundi Gras, the Monday before Fat Tuesday. Established in 1882, Proteus is the second oldest parade of the Carnival season (Rex is oldest) and is the oldest night parade. The “Hindu Heavens” theme played out beautifully on exotic  floats by The Royal Artists sitting atop the original 1880’s wooden chassis. Named for the shepherd of the oceans as well as the son of Poseidon, the parade’s King remains a secret to all but the 230 male riders.

Bands included the playful 9th Ward Marching Band and the colorfully-clad Prime Time Brass from Rochester. School marching bands included Kipp Central City Academy, McKinley Senior High School, Fannie C. Williams and the after-school non-profit, The Roots of Music. We love The Roots of Music so much, we hired a baker’s dozen for our wedding band and paraded through the French Quarter with them.

Next up, Krewe of Orpheus, the love child of Harry Connick, Jr. and Winton Marsalis.

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