Louisiana Comic Con

The Louisiana Comic Con invited me to it’s second showing in Lafayette this weekend. I’m still fairly new to the convention circuit. There seems to be some skill involved in knowing how to make a fan’s experience fun and memorable and I’m still learning what to write on my different photos. I may not have always had the perfect inscription, but I genuinely enjoyed meeting so many film and TV lovers. And as a Comic Con, there were many people dressed as cosplay characters – which was a lot of fun. Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn was definitely a favorite. Hosting the Con at the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette meant that after cosplay characters, the second most popular “look” was Saints clothes. It may have been the Saints’ bye week, but the Who Dat Nation doesn’t take the week off from showing their devotion.

My table was next to the princesses from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Kimberley Kates and Diane Franklin. We met Friday night while checking into the hotel then spent 2 straight days together. They were most excellent. One of the daily highlights was when a group of women painted green would roll by with their block-rocker-topped-with-disco-lights and host an impromptu dance party. VIDEO

My cousin stopped in to bring some etouffee and my 5-times costar, Billy Slaughter, also came by. We all walked around and stopped the Ghostbusters hearse and the Back to the Future DeLorean. It was nice to share the experience with some familiar faces. And it was a pleasure meeting new people like Power Ranger Steve Cardenas, Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson and professional artist and comic book inker Roland Paris.

One of my favorite moments was doing a Q&A. My panel was the last of the entire convention and I wasn’t sure anyone would still be around and also willing to leave the floor for an hour and find the room upstairs. We ended up having a great time and I can honestly say the crowd asked some of the best questions I’ve ever had. You can find Liam in the photo of the crowd. He was a tenacious kid with a 2-part question that I only half-answered before the truly terrific moderator moved on. In his black-robed costume with a mask over his face, I could only guess Liam’s age at 8-12, but he was already mighty and bold like his warrior costume.

At the end of the Con, we all packed up our photos, took pictures with each other and shared hugs – then said our goodbyes. It was a great time for us and it seemed like a lot of fun for the people who attended as well!

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