Christmas in New Orleans 2016

This is my 8th Christmas in New Orleans. But not really since I’ve been coming here to visit family my whole life. More accurately, this is my 8th Christmas tree in New Orleans. If you know me or this blog, you already know I make most of my ornaments using polymer clay, beads and crystals from an old chandelier. I’ve been far too busy to even blog much less make ornaments, but I did manage to add a few to the collection. New additions include my Pussyfooter uniform from the 2015 Krewe of Jingle parade and our wedding day in 2014.

New Orleans is always beautiful but Christmas can add another layer. It’s one of my favorite times of year to walk around. Homes in the historic Garden District use a lot of boughs and bows. The French Quarter tends to use a lot more lights and whimsy. It was sunny and 70 the day I took the photos and word has it, this weekend will be the same. I’m dreaming of a bright Christmas! Happy Holidays and blessings on you and yours.


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4 responses to “Christmas in New Orleans 2016

  1. Pat Edmonds

    So glad your Christmas was good. Enjoyed looking at your pictures. Hello and good wishes from Mobile, AL.

  2. Stafford

    Loved the close ups of your ornament creations. Looking forward to seeing your 2017 Mardi Gras tree. Happy Holidays!

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