Krewes of Sparta and Pygmalion 2017

Krewes of Sparta and Pygmalion finished a long Saturday of 5 parades. With beautiful floats, traditional costumes and flambeau, Sparta got the night off on a note of nostalgia then added fun surprises like dancing Chinese dragons. Pygmalion‘s floats featured exotic animals and many dancers and bands had interesting uses of light including the brightly lighted instruments of Holy Cross Tiger Band the lighted shoes of one of the dance troupes and the glowing tent of walkers in Krewe of Lune with the Star-Steppin Cosmonaughties. Though I wasn’t able to take many photos, I enjoyed dancing in the streets and catching beads. Having danced in Friday’s Krewe of Cleopatra parade and attended 5 parades Saturday, I felt exhausted but exhilarated to have already celebrated Carnival on both sides of the curb.

Next up – Sunday’s parades: Krewe of Femme Fatale, Carrolton, King Arthur and Krewe of Alla.

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